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  BroadCam Video Streaming Software is a software for streaming video free, Stream & Broadcast Videos over the Internet. Add live or recorded video to your website Compress and stream video for the Internet Video streams play in all popular browsers Broadcast from webcams or video input.   PeerStreamer is a software for streaming video free, is an open source P2P Media Streaming framework written in C, developed as part of the NAPA-WINE European research project. It includes a streaming engine for the efficient distribution of media streams, a source application for the creation of channels and a player applications to visualize the streams.
  FreeCast is a software for streaming video free, Java application which allows peer-to-peer streaming. It makes possible a stream broadcast to a large number of listeners from a simple DSL connection.   Stream~2~Stream is a software for streaming video free, next Generation Streaming. Stream-2-Stream implements multicast+, a next generation streaming protocol. Multicast+ is more efficient and requires less bandwidth than direct streaming (e.g. shoutcast/icecast).
  P2P-Radio is a software for streaming video free, Peer to Peer Streaming. P2P-Radio is a program that can distribute audio and video streams (MP3/Ogg Vorbis/NSV) over the Internet in a peer-to-peer manner. It's possible to create your own internet radio station with P2P-Radio!

P2P-Radio is programmed in Java and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and many other systems.


  Trevbus is a software for streaming video free, are you a broadcaster or producer in the making? Do you have a message you want heard? Is the mainstream media getting you down?
  VideoTyrant  is a software for streaming video free that can stream video through the Bit-Torrent network. This program does not require specifically coded torrents or anything. It has the GUI of Azureus all with the power to stream.   GoalBit is a free open source video streaming platform capable of distributing high-bandwidth live video content to everyone preserving its quality. What you can do with Goalbit Media Player. Play and record GoalBit video streams on the web. Live broadcast yourself.


Software for free is a selection of freeware program for PC computer. Download free video editing, photo, design, antivirus, recovery, DVD, music, burning, PDF, converter, audio, recording software for free.


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